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2021 Range memberships are due January 1, 2021.  The range lock will be changed on January 7, 2020 and keys will be available for pick up at 10:00 a.m. on this day.  Alternate arrangements can be made if you are unable to pick up at this time.  To renew or purchase a new membership complete the online membership form through the link below and then email transfer appropriate fees to, for singles or couples each person must complete a form, families can done on one form.  The email transfer will not be linked to the form, you will have to send this through your bank as a separate transaction. 

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Due to COVID-19 range times MUST BE BOOKED in advance.  The range is open for INDIVIDUALS(one person in the range at a time) and FAMILIES FROM THE SAME HOUSEHOLD (all members must live in the same household).  Members in good standing can request bookings for up to 2 hours per day and a maximum of 3 bookings per week these will be considered advance bookings.  HOWEVER if you check the schedule in the morning for a day and there are free times available for that day you can book those times the day of (these "day of bookings" can be in addition to your 3 weekly advance bookings).  Please email to book your times, bookings will be posted within 48 hours in the order they are received.  You can also request access to book your own times by emailing the above email address.

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MEMBERS- if you do not receive club emails but would like to please submit the form below to be added to the mailing list.

What is happening at the range?

MONDAY-SUNDAY RANGE RULES (updated January 8, 2021): 
The range will be open immediately with the following restrictions:

- DO NOT enter the range if you are sick or have any of the following symptoms: runny nose, sore throat, cough, fever or shortness of breath.

- You MUST wear a mask upon entering the range and at all times when at the range except when you are on the shooting line.  Your mask can be removed while shooting on the line, but it should be put back on when moving on and off the line, behind the line or when retrieving your arrows.  We MUST be following this protocol in order to meet the requirements as set out by Archery Canada and Alberta Health Services. 

- Maximum of 1 person in the range at any time or 1 Family booking (all members MUST be from the same household), members must book a time on the schedule.  ALL range time must be advance booked, no drop-ins and no visitors.  Maximum of 3 advance bookings per week per person or family group.  However if the schedule has free times you may book additional range time the day of (these would not be considered advance bookings and can be in addition to your 3 advance bookings).  This will be reviewed as provincial COVID restrictions change, at this time we are using this as a tool to accommodate as many shooters as possible at the range.

​- Please do not bring spectators as this limits the number of shooters at any given time.

- No dogs allowed in the range at this time.

-The range WILL NOT be sanitized.  There will be cleaner and lysol wipes at the range.  Before you leave the range, we are asking all members to wipe down the "high touch" areas so it will be clean for the next user.  High touch areas include door knobs-entrance and washroom, light switches and any cupboards faucets or rangeequipment used.

- There will be hand sanitizer available for members to use.

It is up to all users to follow the rules set out to ensure that we are able to keep the facility open and keep everyone safe.  If you are at the range and notice that any of the cleaning supplies
or sanitizers are empty, please send us an email so we can re-stock supplies.

​​Thanks to all members for your cooperation, we will update you with any changes as they apply.
Stay safe!

Range Memberships

Lethbridge Bowbenders Archery Club

Please check here for any special posted RANGE CLOSURES:

The range is open for members to access each day from 6:00 am to midnight.  An access key will be provided at the time of membership purchase.  Memberships are offered on an annual basis and prorated for new members based on the remaining portion of the year at time of purchase.

​Range Membership Rates: $200/year for a single membership, $250 for a couple and $300 for a family (all family members must be residing in the same house).  PLUS affiliation membership for insurance purposes-$44 for single, $118 for family. 

Visitors are welcome with a range member, daily rate for visitors is $10 
*All visitors must sign in to the visitor sign in book at the range*

Range memberships come with one key, additional keys can be purchased for $25.

​If you would like more info or to sign up for a membership please email